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Breastfeeding and its Effects on Academic Success

Children who are mainly breastfed for the first six months (or longer) score considerably higher academically at 10 years of age, especially boys. Boys were found to have improved academic scores in math, reading and spelling if they were breastfed for six months or longer. There was a small but insignificant benefit for reading in [...]

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Probiotics: Panacea or Just a ‘Big Fad’?

I don’t know what to recommend about probiotics, but the early data is interesting. Probiotics are healthy bacteria that do not cause disease. Giving your body a “bacterial adjustment” may be a common prescription in the near future. Probiotics: Panacea or Just a ‘Big Fad’? Humans Have Ten Times More Bacteria Than Human Cells: How [...]

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5-2-1-0 Healthy NH

“5-2-1-0 Healthy NH” is a statewide public education campaign to bring awareness to the daily guidelines for nutrition and physical activity. Its message is simple and clear and represents some of the most important steps families can take to prevent childhood obesity: 5 Fruits and vegetables…more matters! Eat fruits and vegetables at least 5 times [...]

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McDonald’s sued for marketing Happy Meals to children

I do have mixed feelings about this lawsuit, but I do understand what CSPI is trying to do… “The lawsuit alleges that “McDonald’s exploits very young California children and harms their health by advertising unhealthy Happy Meals with toys directly to them” and that “children 8 years old and younger do not have the cognitive [...]

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Post Foods to cut some cereals’ sugar content

I am glad they are making changes, but I still think it will only make these cereals a little less unhealthy. Try to only purchase these rarely, like letting children pick a box of junk cereal only for their birthday… Post Foods to cut some cereals’ sugar content

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Fast-food restaurants plan a heaping helping of excess in 2011

Rolling into 2011, fast-food joints across the country are set to deploy a potent new arsenal of greasy goodness for Americans who have grown numb to mere burgers. Think spicier, cheesier, gooier. Don’t fall into their trap! Look at the calories before you order. Better yet, don’t go in there at all! Fast-food restaurants plan [...]

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