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FDA warns about teething medication

This is a very rarely side effect of teething medicines, but the FDA has issued this new warning. Although usually safe, use caution with these medications. ” The FDA has issued a warning to consumers about the use of benzocaine, the main ingredient in over-the-counter liquids and gels used to reduce teething pain in very [...]

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Drugmakers eliminate infant drops of key medicine

This will make our answering your dosage questions simpler, knowing that there will only be one strength. The only drawback will be having to get more liquid into your infant, but that shouldn’t be too difficult. “Johnson & Johnson and other makers of cold and fever medications said Wednesday that they will discontinue infant drops [...]

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Natroba Approved for Head Lice

“The FDA has approved a new treatment for controlling head lice, called Natroba Topical Suspension 0.9%, and says the substance can be safely used for infestations in children as young as age 4, as well as in older youths and adults. The manufacturer, ParaPro LLC of Carmel, Ind., says that one application of the treatment, [...]

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Vapor Rub Relieves Cold Symptoms for Children, Helps Them Sleep Better, Study Suggests

Since we have few cold medicines now that are approved for children, it is nice for something to be shown to be helpful. “Applying a vapor rub is effective for treating children with night-time cough and congestion and improves sleep for children with cold symptoms, according to Penn State College of Medicine researchers.” Vapor Rub [...]

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Another Tylenol recall!!

McNiel is going to drive me nuts! Another recall including Tylenol and Benedryl. Fortunately, all the recalled products are caplets, not liquid or drops. McNeil Consumer Healthcare INITIATES Voluntary Recall of CERTAIN OVER-THE-COUNTER (OTC) PRODUCTS FULL RECALLED PRODUCT LIST .

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