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Japan Panel Says Deaths Aren’t Linked to Vaccines

Written By: Walter Hoerman MD - Mar• 14•11

Last week the networks were covered with the news that Japan had concerns, but now that they have found no link, where is the network news to announce this?

“A panel of Japanese medical experts expressed the opinion Tuesday that the deaths of five children over the past two months weren’t connected to pediatric vaccines administered just before they died. The panel’s opinion means the use of the vaccines, Prevnar, made by Pfizer Inc., and ActHIB, made by Sanofi-Aventis S.A., could resume shortly. Last week, the health ministry suspended the use of the two vaccines following the deaths of two children in February and three in March. The ministry initially reported four recent deaths after vaccinations but later said there was one more.

The children, who were between six months and two years old, had received vaccinations of one or both of the drugs. Both shots have been given widely to children around the world for years to prevent bacterial infections causing pneumonia and meningitis”.

Japan Panel Says Deaths Aren’t Linked to Vaccines

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