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Study: Kids prefer taste of food from cartooned packages

Written By: Walter Hoerman MD - Mar• 13•11

Cool Study looking at cartoons on cereal boxes. Avoid walking down the cereal aisle with your kids!!

“•Kids who ate the cereal with the penguin characters on the box reported liking it better than kids who ate the cereal without the characters.

•The cereal’s name had an influence on taste perception, too. When there was no character on the boxes, the children rated Healthy Bits cereal better-tasting than those who sampled Sugar Bits.

•Kids who ate Sugar Bits without the character on the box gave it the lowest rating.

“When there was a character on the box, they liked the cereal a lot, and it didn’t matter what the name of the cereal was,” says Sarah Vaala, one of the lead authors. “Once you put a character on the box, that overrides their judgment of the health merits of the food.”

Margo Wootan of the Center for Science in the Public Interest says: “There still are lots of kid-friendly characters on food packages, and unfortunately, they’re mostly on unhealthy foods like fast-food kids’ meals, sugary cereals and fruit gummies.

“This makes it much harder for parents to feed their children healthfully.”

Study: Kids prefer taste of food from cartooned packages

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