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Consuming Pure Chocolate May Worsen Facial Acne

Written By: Walter Hoerman MD - Mar• 12•11

This is horrible news…But take heart in the fact that it was only pure cocoa, which tastes terrible…

“Dermatologists have long dismissed the idea that diet is related to acne, despite some patients’ insistence that eating chocolate, for example, seems to worsen their skin disease. But a new study has demonstrated that the consumption of pure chocolate does, in fact, exacerbate acne in a dose-dependent fashion.

Previous studies have failed to show a link between acne and the ingestion of chocolate. But these negative studies were conducted with chocolate candy, which contains sugar, milk, and other adulterants, according to Samantha Block. What’s different about the new study is that it was performed with unadulterated chocolate made of 100% cacao, Ms. Block explained at the annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatology.”

Consuming Pure Chocolate May Worsen Facial Acne

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