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Cap’n Crunch Will Not Retire, But He Probably Should

Written By: Walter Hoerman MD - Mar• 11•11

Is Cap’n Crunch retiring or not? Earlier this week, news reports noted that parent company PepsiCo had quietly removed the Quaker Oats spokescartoon from its first-string marketing roster — possibly under pressure from the White House and obesity experts to make kids’ food healthier. Then, on Thursday, Quaker Oats suddenly reinvigorated the Cap’n's presence online.

The Cap’n Crunch family of cereals are still absent from the Quaker Oats website, but they do have their own homepage, which has been newly revamped. “Thanks to everyone who was asking about me!” Cap’n Horatio Magellan Crunch declares. “I was out on the high seas, but I’m back and not going anywhere!” He even has a new Twitter feed (“I’m hearing the rumors. I would never retire. I love being a captain too much!” the Cap’n tweeted Thursday) and Facebook page.

Until the recent flurry of Cap’n activity, his last major appearance was in a PepsiCo press release in 2007, which reported a survey that found that 83% percent of kids ages 8 to 13 thought it would be fun to be a pirate, according to Jonathan Berr of Daily Finance. Berr suggested that criticism from First Lady Michelle Obama and from child obesity experts over the high sugar content in foods — especially breakfast cereals — marketed directly to children may explain why the Cap’n has become less visible than in the past.

Cap’n Crunch Will Not Retire, But He Probably Should

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