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Popular Baby Media May Not Actually Advance Learning

Written By: Walter Hoerman MD - Mar• 10•11

Don’t run out and spend too much on baby einstein videos….

“Parents who want to provide their babies a learning advantage these days often turn to what’s been nicknamed “baby media” — videos specifically designed to stimulate very young minds.
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But researchers and pediatricians have begun to question whether babies actually are learning anything from these videos. And new studies are finding that the videos are successful at keeping infants entertained but do little to help them pick up words and concepts.

In fact, some researchers have found that kids who start watching baby media at an earlier age are apt to show less ability with language than kids who never were exposed to the videos or started watching later.”

Popular Baby Media May Not Actually Advance Learning

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  1. KenLeonard says:

    So … TV might not be the best device for teaching kids?

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