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Processed, Fatty Foods May Dumb Down Your Kids: Study

Written By: Walter Hoerman MD - Feb• 08•11

This is scary, but not surprising. This study showed that feeding your child a healthy diet makes them healthier in a very important area: brain growth. Eat your fruits and veggies!!!

“Feeding children lots of fatty, sugary and processed foods may lower their IQ, while a diet rich in vitamins and nutrients appears to boost it, British researchers say.

This is particularly true during the first three years of life when the brain is developing rapidly, the study authors explained. They speculate that good nutrition may promote brain growth and cognitive development.

“We have found some evidence to suggest that a diet associated with increasing consumption of foods that are high in fat, sugar and processed foods in early childhood is associated with small reductions in IQ in later childhood,” said lead researcher Kate Northstone, a research fellow in the department of social medicine at the University of Bristol.”

Processed, Fatty Foods May Dumb Down Your Kids: Study

Here is an older study showing similar results:
Study: Kids Who Eat Junk Food Are Slower Learners

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